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Check out our new book for teenagers, giving tips and advice on how best to look after your mind.

The book is a collaboration of wellbeing tips from other siblings and mental health professionals alongside a series of puzzles made by the ‘king of puzzles’ Dr Gareth Moore.

Taking a break every now and then is really important, and lots of young people find it helps them to have a mindful moment - be that focussing on a puzzle, getting outside or unplugging from the digital world.

“Pay attention to your breathing for a few moments. Taking a deep breath has been shown to lower levels of cortisol [the stress hormone]”

Made up of 28 days of activities and advice, this book, created in collaboration with ‘MyTime’, is available for free if your brother or sister has died.

It won’t work for everyone, but we believe it can help steer you through a month and help you focus on your mental health and wellbeing. One of the best ways to get support if you’re grieving is speaking to friends, family or trained professionals.

“Speak to others. Other siblings say getting thoughts off your chest and chatting to friends, family and trusted adults is a great way to help.”

You’ll find some of the puzzles harder than others, with the creator having authored more than 250 books which have sold over 5 million copies.

“Many of us compare our grief to those around us. But everyone grieves very differently and comparing is usually pretty unnecessary. Focus on looking after yourself and speaking about how you feel”.

If you, or someone you would know, might benefit from this free book you can order it by emailing

The book adds to our growing range of free resources - memory hearts, memory boxes, books and so on.

We can also facilitate larger orders (again, for free) for organisations.