What is a funeral?

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In this video we explain what a funeral is.

Lots of families hold funerals when a brother or sister dies. They are a way to say goodbye.

Funerals are slightly different now because of coronavirus.

It may take longer to organise a funeral which may make your parents even more sad or stressed. There are also now limits to the number of people allowed at a funeral at the moment because of the virus. You and your family may find it especially difficult because of this.

You may find you can’t even hug the friends and family you normally would be able to.

It’s ok to feel upset about all this. It’s a really hard time but it WILL be over one day and then you WILL get the chance to grieve in the way you want or need.

You may find answers to questions you have on our special question and answer section.

Or perhaps you're looking for activities that might help you, we even have lots of free things like memory boxes and plantable hearts.

Remember, there is always someone there to talk to about how you feel. It's really important you chat to a trusted adult. You might even want to read some of the stories from other young people whose brother or sisters have died.