​Things you could try to help you

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Grieving is the emotional process that takes place after someone important to us has died. There is no set path or pattern to this process, as everyone grieves differently. However, most grieving people experience some or all of the following - the order of these is not set, as people usually move back and forth between these feelings. As well as feelings of extreme sadness, you may feel guilt, anger, resentment or just numbness. Just getting through the day can feel like a difficult task.

We’ve put together a list of different things you could do that might help you with these feelings. Whilst some of these ideas might not work for you, they’ve all been suggested to us by others in similar situations.


6. Make a treasure chest/memory box

Filled with the memories that you treasure of your brother or sister. These are a great way to create a physical reminder of your sibling. You can add into these boxes as you grow older, and they're fantastic to look back at. We're also offering free memory boxes, with a selection of arts and crafts materials, by emailing us at hello@siblingsupport.co.uk You can read more about how to make a memory box here.