Say hello to our Sibling Support mindfulness boxes

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We’re constantly creating new activities and resources, many of them have been designed by other siblings. Our Sibling Support mindfulness boxes, not to be confused with our memory boxes, are filled with a wide range of things that might help you.

Mixing the benefits of mindfulness, the outdoors and getting help from others, the boxes are totally free. You can order one by emailing us:

Let's take a look at what is inside...

Free National Trust passes

Lots of people say getting outside and being in the fresh air is great for their minds. So we’ve teamed up with the people who know nature best, The National Trust.

They’ve kindly given us free passes so you can get outside. A walk around one of their beautiful gardens and stately homes or a day out by the coast or in the countryside. You can even bring friends and family.

“We are delighted to provide passes for these young people to enable them to explore the wonderful places we look after. Places steeped in nature, beauty and history are peaceful and restorative.”


People often say that they feel like they are going through their grief alone. There will always be someone who can help you or listen to you, but there are often others who’ve gone through something similar. Some people have shared their stories and top tips with us and the box has some of those.

Your pocket companion

Designed specifically for teenagers (so not everyone will get one in their box!) the book is a collaboration of wellbeing tips from other siblings and mental health professionals alongside a series of puzzles made by the ‘king of puzzles’ Dr Gareth Moore.

Advice from others

As well as stories, we’ve included some words of wisdom from other people whose brother or sister has died. You can also read some of those bits of advice here. Around 100 siblings gave their advice.

Helping with Grief book

Our helping with grief books bring together a collection of ideas from professionals and young people themselves. You may have already come across this book separately,

Memory hearts

Write a message to your brother or sister and watch it grow into beautiful wildflowers.

Some other special bits…

There will be extra bits and bobs in the boxes soon - we can’t wait to show you what there is!

We’re always looking for ways to improve our support, if you have any ideas of questions please let us know:

The boxes are free for young people whose brother or sister has died. We can also send the boxes to charities and other organisations for free.