Mood cloud pin badges

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Our Sibling Support mood cloud pin badges are a great way to signal to others how you're feeling.

By spinning the wheel you can change the colour of the cloud to green, orange or red (more colours coming later in the year).

Each of these colours can mean whatever you want it to: Good, okay and bad or I'm great, I could do with a chat, I need to have time to myself. You can make up a meaning for each colour and share the meaning to those who matter.

Pin the badge onto your lapel, shirt, jumper or jacket.

These clouds are great if you're wanting to subtly tell someone how you are. Remember, speaking to others about your feelings is one of the best ways to help yourself, but we know that sometimes you just don't want to say too much.

These are free if they are going to someone whose brother or sister has died. Email us

We are able to provide them for other uses but a donation would be required.