Making A Memory Box

Memory Boxes

Grief is not about forgetting the person who has died, but about finding ways to remember them.

When someone dies, our feelings for them and memories of them stay real and active inside us. Therefore, finding ways of expressing our memories is important.
When you lose someone important in your life, you may worry that you will forget important or happy memories of them. This fear is very common. By creating ways of remembering such as the one suggested here, these memories can become something physical that you can hold on to for the future.

Keepsake box, treasure chest or a box full of memories, whatever you call it - these are a great way of remembering your brother or sister in a physical way.

There are also other ways to help remember your sibling. You can read about these here.

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Our boxes come with all the materials you need to decorate, a box, forget-me-not seeds to plant and some other items to help you with creating a memory box.