Lotte supports others after her brother took his own life


Lotte has spent years dedicated to helping others, all in memory of her brother Hector who took his own life when he was 18.

Growing up the two had a special bond. As the older, ‘cool’, sister they shared many memories together. Family holidays, christmases and even working with one another in their local pub.

“He was a very funny guy. He was a talented musician as well, performing in places like Camden.”

But when he took his life, Lotte said she “felt like a disco ball that had been dropped from a height”. She was shattered and shocked and described it as living in real life nightmare.

Finding comfort in supporting others, Lotte and her family started the charity ‘Hector’s House’. Initially an organisation signposting people to support, they now work to prevent suicide and mental health stigma through education, awareness and support.

From a crisis text messenger service, where people can text HECTOR to 85258 if they’re having suicidal or self harming thoughts, to carrying out talks at various schools about mental health.

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Hector and Lotte

“Having to heal from feeling like the world had shattered is hard but put one foot in front of the other. Know this is going to be okay. Keep that mantra.”

Lotte’s wisdom and bravery shine through when speaking to her. She is full of advice that we could all do with remembering.

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If Lotte were to have given her younger self any advice though, it would have been some words of encouragement.

“It’s going to be okay. This is a really big and really scary thing. But we’re going to get through this”.

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