Lara's story

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This website has been created by young people whose brothers or sisters have died. There are multiple stories from young people about their experiences. This is the story of Lara who was a teenager when her brother, Adam, died from cancer.

From the day I found out Adam had cancer my world changed. I wasn’t willing to accept that it was my brother that had this horrible disease and in all honesty, it took me right until the very end and for a while after to accept that he did have this and nothing could be done to save him.

He was my little brother someone I looked after, cared for, made things better if he was down, shared all my memories with but then the cancer came and there was nothing I could do to take it away. I got told to carry on as if everything is normal and that everything would be fine so that is what I done, but I took that on too deeply so that when Adam did pass away I could never believe it happened.

I went through the anger of why him and felt guilty for anything I done. But with the support of family and friends things slowly get slightly easier the pain will never go away of not having him here to chat with or meet his nephew, but we cope by talking of all the happy memories we had together or looking through pictures and watching videos. That won’t come straight away but in time it becomes so comforting to talk about him and keep his memory alive.

People always used to say to me “things will get better” which I honestly hated at the time because I couldn’t see a way out of feeling how I did, but now I realize they were right the pain will never go away but as each day passes it slowly gets easier to think of the good times and not the bad.

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