Life at Secondary School

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For many, but not everyone, returning or attending school might seem difficult. Some people find being at school daunting or confusing. Others find school a place to maintain some normality, but could get annoyed that teachers or other pupils do not understand their feelings.

When you are ready to return to school, it is important that you have a conversation with your head of year or a teacher you trust. You may want to talk to them about how they can best support you and how you would like others to be told about what has happened.

It is not uncommon for others to not understand how you feel, teachers and students alike. People might forget that you might get upset or say things that particularly upset you, intentionally or unintentionally. It is important to tell someone you trust if this happens.

For many young people, homework, exams and day to day life at school may feel unimportant or trivial. Being late to class, or overworking yourself to block painful emotions are not uncommon things to happen. It is important to speak to someone ...

Other things young people speak about:

- People being friendlier

- Friends not knowing what to say

- Teachers and others assuming you are okay

- Resentment to teachers, why are they bothering me when I have a million things to think about?

- Feeling like people keep looking at you

- What to say to people

- Do people know about my sibling?

- Growing your friendship or creating new friendships with supportive peers

- Not knowing what to do if you feel upset at school

One thing that almost all siblings have said is that: People can't help if they don't know whats wrong. Its okay to ask for help.