In conversation with Julia Samuel MBE

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Julia Samuel is a grief psychotherapist and counsellor who has written two best selling books, Grief Works and This Too Shall Pass.

She has spent the past 30 years helping families facing bereavement and has been at the forefront of supporting young people with their grief.

In this conversation we spoke to Julia about the experiences young people have when their brother or sister has died.

This is a must watch for any adult supporting a young person whose sibling has died.

We also asked Julia a round of quick fire questions - which can be seen below.

    • What can teachers do to support a sibling?
    • How do you explain death to a sibling?

    You can read more about this on our specialist page.

    • My parents keep asking me to talk about how I feel, but I don't want to.
    • Everyone in my family is reacting differently. Is what I am feeling right?

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