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Siblings are often spoken about as the 'forgotten grievers'.
We're trying to change this.

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Sibling Support Booklets:

We've spent a few months working with young people and professionals to develop a series of sibling specific booklets. They can be downloaded here or physical versions (which are preferred) can be ordered, for free, just let us know how many you need.

When your brother dies (6 & under)

When your sister dies (6 & under)

When your brother dies (7 & over)

When your sister dies (7 & over)

Helping with grief

High quality prints can be ordered, free of charge, by emailing Please let us know the address and how many of each booklet is needed.

Downloadable animations:

We're working on a range of animations to make certain topics more understandable. We would welcome your feedback on what animations you want to see. Feel free to download these animations and use them with reference to SiblingSupport.

Video 1 - Charlie

Video 2 - What is Grief? Tonkins Model animated

Video 3 - What is a Funeral

Video 4 - SiblingSupport: Coronavirus

Video 5 - Coping with exams

Other things:

Your pocket companion Aimed at teenagers, the book is a collaboration of wellbeing tips from other siblings and mental health professionals alongside a series of puzzles made by the ‘king of puzzles’

Plantable memory hearts these hearts can be decorated with a siblings name or a message and once planted will grow into beautiful wildflowers. Email us,, if you would like some.

A look inside my mind is one of our worksheets designed to be used by professionals and adults to speak through the emotions of a young person. You may also find this useful in conjunction with our booklets.

Dot to dot is another free worksheet, particularly suited for younger children. They can draw themselves and their sibling. This is a great memory activity that can encourage conversation and discussion for kids.